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Accounting firm and financial consulting services                  

A variety of accounting, consulting and financial services in Israel and Germany

Over the course of its operations, E. Yeyni Finance has developed a variety of diversified services that provide a comprehensive solution to entities and individual.

The firm offers the following four main service lines:




Financial statements audit, financial accounting,  advisory, bookkeeping and payroll management. Tax planning and general consultations (e.g. VAT, deductions, social security, etc.). Startup phase entities – Business structuring, operations modeling, assistance with negotiations and preparations of due diligence reports

Ongoing consultations with management on finance, accounting and taxation issues; Attending board meetings and presenting financial information to the BOD; Improve the financial and operational planning process, including budget preparation and projected cash flows; Improved costing models; Bank account monitoring and currency exposure protection; Accounting supervision; supervision on the preparation of the quarterly and annually financial statements; Conduct ongoing consultations with professionals: attorneys, external auditor, appraisers etc.

E. Yeyni Finance works in full cooperation with a German company that employs a team of Israeli experts based in Berlin, Germany. Our team has a vast rich and diversified experience in real estate investments in Germany. E. Yeyni Finance in collaboration with the local team works with German service providers for many years (among others – accountants, notaries, bankers and home management companies) and will build the most reliable, professional and effective solution for you.


Financial services comprises of ongoing transactions support – strategy phase, due diligence, benchmarking through to the establishment of the company; Ongoing business and financial support from A to Z on various topics with personal approach while being involved in the company’s business; Defining the strategy and building an annual work plan in collaboration with shareholder approval; Establish financial and operational planning process – planning and managing annual budget and cash flows as well as monitoring monthly performance reports; Comprehensive review of labor agreements with all company suppliers and monitoring against actual payments; Presentation and guidance to shareholders regarding budget, cash flows and other documents; Accounting and financial management; Bookkeeping services; Issuing paychecks; Coordination and attendance at regular meetings with the local accountant; Day-to-day consultations and professional insights on tax matters, VAT, deductions and Social Security; and review of the shareholders and companies’s annual financial statements and tax returns.

Establishment and registration of a company and / or acquisition group in Germany; Company registration services and office-management services; Introduction to a Hebrew-speaking notary in Berlin, Germany; Investors related support in opening bank accounts in Germany; Coordination and attendance in meetings with bankers; Coordination and attendance in meetings with a house/office management companies; IT services and assistance with establishing a website; and daily updates on the property status to investors.

We offer the house committee a suite of services to improve financial and operational performance. Among other things: Accounting services and financial consulting; Defining the strategy by preparing annual work plan in collaboration with the committee; Establishing a financial and operational planning process – Planning and managing annual budget and cash flows; Data analysis for a variety of purposes.

We operate through analytical processes and methods and use technological tools that enable data analysis and insight into the business performance, and assist in making informed decisions, improving monitoring and transparency of controls; Review of labor agreements with all home providers and monitoring against actual payments; Presentation and guidance to the committee’s members; Monitor collection of house committee payments: Issuing salary pay-slips; Audit the annual financial statements; Regular care and professional consultations on tax matters, VAT, deductions and Social Security.


Elad Yeyni is an accountant with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with specialization in accounting from the academic College of Management, Rishon Lezion, Israel. Elad is a graduate of the Kellogg-Recanati Executive Development Program, a unique executive development program at Senior Management level and a joint venture with Northwestern University and a faculty from Tel Aviv University.

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E. Yeyni Finance

Accounting firm and financial consulting services             A variety of accounting, consulting and financial services in Israel and Germany

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